Architecture and Design/Build in Queens

While a renovation can work for some businesses, there’s nothing like being able to design your perfect build from the ground up. At G-Net Construction, we work exclusively with VSN Architecture, PC, to offer complete architecture and design/build services. Both companies work side by side to assist you throughout the entire process. We offer this service and more commercial services in Queens, New York, and other surrounding areas we serve.

architecture and design build services in queens

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Particularly with design/build services, it’s about bringing your vision to reality. We ensure that you get the exact building you envision for your project. It’s crucial that we’re in constant communication with you to make sure that everything is on track. Feel comfortable calling us whenever you need to discuss your project.

We don’t start any building at all until you’re completely happy with the drawing and design. Little tweaks and changes can be the catalyst for ensuring your satisfaction. When you’re happy with the drawing, we work with the best contractors and businesses to ensure that that happiness continues throughout the building process.

Communication is Key

Communication is important with the client, and we build great relationships with local contractors and others in the city. We have over 65 years of building experience in the New York City area and have great partnerships with many quality contractors. We know the right people to turn to so you get the best results possible.

G-Net and VSN will be in contact with you throughout the entire process. Any changes that need to be made will be run by you first. We’ll always answer the phone if you have any questions or concerns. We’re able to explain the different steps of the building process and give you the details you need to be reassured that your job is going well.

Our experience and longevity in the industry mean we know the costs and values of the materials and subcontractors we’ll need. We can get you the best value for your materials and ensure your job comes in on budget. If you need any specialized services in your building, we know who to call to make sure that you get what’s necessary.

Sticking to a Timeline

A timeline isn’t a suggestion to us. We see it as binding and want to ensure the job is finished on time or early. We’ll create a timeline overview at the beginning of your job so that you know what to expect. There are different phases throughout the design/build process, and you should know when we’re going to hit each one.

However, there can always be outside influences that can impact the timeline. We keep you informed every step of the way. If we have any concerns about the timeline, we will tell you immediately and explain exactly what happens moving forward.

Not only do we handle the design and construction processes, but we also take care of all the paperwork and permit needs for your project. We’re up to date with the latest code changes and updates required by the government. We know the best way to get through this process quickly and efficiently to keep things on track.

Architecture and Design/Build Services in Queens

Are you ready to bring your dream building to life? We can help. Call us or request a consultation online to get started.