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Architecture and design services are an essential part of any construction project. These services can include project management and design services for commercial buildings, residential homes, and other building projects. We offer various commercial services, including project planning, design-build, construction management, cost estimating, and more.

G-Net Construction Corp has an exclusive partnership with VSN Architecture, PC, to provide the most value to our clients. VSN Architecture, PC is a stand-alone, full-service architectural and design firm that provides all of the commercial architecture, design-build, and construction consultant services we need at G-Net Construction Corp.

The architectural firm employs experienced commercial architects who are well-versed in all aspects of the building industry. They can provide comprehensive solutions to our clients’ needs while ensuring that the end product meets all safety standards. They also specialize in design-build projects, including design and construction phases. VSN has four steps to success: Understanding the Client, Delivering Expected Services, Developing Relationships, and Always Improving.

By utilizing the services of VSN Architecture, PC, we can ensure that we complete our clients’ building projects on time and within budget while meeting all safety requirements. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business without worrying about the technical details of your building project.

Architecture & Design Services: Licensed in New York City & New Jersey

Engineering design-build services are one of the most valuable services we offer as a construction company. Design-build services involve a collaborative effort between the architect, engineer, and contractor to provide a complete project from start to finish. This type of service allows for faster completion times and greater efficiency in terms of cost and quality.

Our partnership with VSN Architecture, PC can provide you with various services such as concept development, 3D modeling, structural analysis, site planning and survey work, value engineering, and more. Continue reading to learn about the four steps process to success.

Architecture and Design-Build services in New York City

Understanding the Client

When our client begins an architectural project, their expectations are the most important part of the information for the project. VSN Architecture, PC performs this by listening to the client’s needs beyond the physical building. We are always available to discuss and develop the program and educate the client on all project phases, from obtaining the architect to design development, to obtaining a contractor, to the final project closeout.

The job can’t go correctly unless we fully understand your vision. We’ll never turn down a phone call or tell you we don’t need your input. When you see the design, you should be completely on board and excited about where the project will go. The building shouldn’t start until you’re fully sold on the design. And even then, we ensure we’re working with the best people to make your vision a reality.

Delivering Expected Services

When the project needs are determined and a program is developed, VSN Architecture, PC’s services must exceed the client’s established expectations. Leadership needs to be inspired by example. Realistic and honest schedules. Services based on KPIs.

The client needs to easily understand all of our steps and progress. We keep things clear and honest about the work, timeline, and expected completion date. The client needs to be able to follow along every step of the way. We work with VSN to ensure everything is clear for them, us, and you.

Developing Relationships

Future relationships with clients start with the first phone call during a project. Here, we start a rapport and build trust. This also extends to VSN Architecture, PC consultants, and their employees.

The client should always feel comfortable coming to us for assistance. If you need something to be explained further, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us or VSN. When we’re helping you realize your vision, we want to ensure it will be perfect. No matter what stage we’re at in the project, we value your input and want to ensure you’re getting the desired results.

Always Improving

When we complete a project, it’s only the beginning for VSN Architecture, PC. We learn so much during each project to provide more value to their future clients by refining delivery processes and reviewing key performance indicators. In addition, providing continuing education to their staff allows VSN Architecture, PC, to be up to date with the latest code changes, life safety, and the newest building technologies and materials.

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Our architecture and design services are also very effective in helping to reduce construction costs by providing efficient designs that maximize the use of materials and reduce waste. In addition, we provide valuable insight into how to construct the building to optimize energy efficiency.

With our expertise in engineering services, we can ensure that all aspects of your project meet safety standards and aesthetic goals. Our experience in design-build projects helps you create unique spaces that will last years. We’re ready to take on the job. Start by calling us or contacting us online!