Commercial Construction in Staten Island

G-Net Construction is an experienced commercial contractor in Staten Island, serving this and the other New York City boroughs. With over 65 years in the business, G-Net has a great working relationship with subcontractors and others in the construction realm in the city. This allows us to give you the best experience possible for your project.commercial construction in staten island, new york

Tenant Improvement Services

When tenant improvements are needed, it’s usually at the needs of a tenant or to improve a space to comply with the law. The rental agreement dictates the expectations for the space that’s being rented. For instance, New York City code requires acoustical ceilings and fire-stopping insulation in buildings and landlords have to ensure these are present in their buildings.

There are other things we can do to make your space more attractive to potential tenants by meeting their needs. In commercial spaces, many tenants are looking for a place that has separate offices and conference rooms to meet company needs. A company that’s increasing employees needs break rooms and bathrooms that are big enough for growth.

As tenants rotate out of a space, they also can leave behind some damage. No tenant is perfect and it’s impossible to keep everything exactly as it was. We can add drop ceilings and paint the entire space, as well as make any little structural improvements needed. It’s important that your space looks its best when you’re searching for new tenants.

Interior Renovations

Commercial properties don’t stay perfect forever. Age takes its toll, and sometimes your interior needs a little facelift. We handle comprehensive services for any of your renovation needs. All of the little details need to be perfect when you’re entering into a renovation. We work with you to make sure all of your needs get met when the renovation takes place.

We have the in-house resources you need to take care of every aspect of the renovation. From scheduling to safety and electrical expertise, you can rely on us for everything. We make recommendations based on our decades of experience in the commercial construction field. It’s up to us to make sure your renovation goes smoothly.

As your company grows and changes, you may have new needs for your office or other commercial spaces. If your business is a restaurant, you want to make sure it’s attractive and inviting to modern diners. The same is true for things like hotels, shopping centers, and apartment buildings. Things have to look in great shape and be appealing to attract new clientele.

Mold and Fire Restoration

An interior renovation may also include mold and fire restoration. If you’ve had a flood resulting in mold or a fire, it needs to be completely cleaned and contained before you can resume regular operations in your building. We inspect the entire building and determine what will need to completely be removed and what can be salvaged from the impacted areas.

In some cases, it’s more cost-effective to completely remove certain items and restore them from the ground up. This is especially true when it comes to smoke and odor from fire damage. Certain materials hold onto the odor no matter what’s done to them. With mold, you want to ensure that it’s all removed and that it can’t come back.

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