Commercial Construction in Manhattan

Commercial construction in Manhattan involves building and remodeling spaces in the private sector. At G-Net, we cover completely new construction, remodeling, and facility maintenance services. With over 60 years of construction experience in New York City, you can rely on us for all your commercial construction needs. There are also additional areas we serve across the five boroughs.

commercial construction in manhattan

Complete Building Services

We can help you throughout every step of the process for completely new construction. We offer design and build services. Our partnership with a full-service architect, VSN Architecture, PC, allows us to accompany you from the beginning to the finished building.

Our top mission is to realize your vision. We keep a constant open dialogue with our clients. Never be afraid to call us to discuss your project. Our line is always open. We educate you throughout the entire process so you know exactly what the status is. The best people work on your project to make it something you’re excited about.

The building never starts until you’re fully on board with the vision. When you see the design, you should be overjoyed. If you find any issues, we change it for you. We make all changes before the construction process starts.

Remodeling and Retrofitting

As buildings get older, they may no longer fit your needs. Age can take its toll, and the design can be ill-fitting for productive working. Your company may have grown, and the building might not be able to handle them effectively with the current layout. We can change one room or remodel the entire place to fit your needs.

Remodeling and retrofitting are two different things. Luckily, they tend to overlap. Remodeling is focused on the design and function of the space. Retrofitting incorporates new technology into the original construction. Either of these strategies updates the current space and allows you to use it differently.

The 3-Stage Construction Process

We break our construction process into three stages. We guide you through every step and ensure you understand each phase and what to expect.


In this phase, we plan out the full project. We make a schedule, put together an estimate, prequalify subcontractors, and accept bid proposals. We also purchase anything with long lead times or a specialty item that may take longer than usual.

Construction Coordination

Throughout the entire construction phase, we keep you in the loop. We develop a timeline. You know exactly what’s being done and when completion is. We perform the following during the construction phase:

  • Securing building permits
  • Monitoring the budget and timeline during construction
  • Coordinating job site meetings regarding production status
  • Supervising the construction work on the site
  • Approving drawings and sample submissions
  • Enforcing safety standards
  • Maintaining a cohesive work relationship with the various trades

Project Completion

Everything comes together at the end of the project. We sign off on everything and ensure all the required inspections are done. The owner gets a manual for any equipment and technology that were implemented. We coordinate tenant move-in and building occupancy, so everything is ready for use.

Your Manhattan Commercial Construction Project

Are you ready to start your new construction or remodeling job? Call us or contact us online to start your project.