Commercial Construction in Brooklyn

G-Net Construction Corp. offers commercial construction services to Brooklyn and all other New York City boroughs. We offer remodeling, new construction, and a full suite of other commercial offerings to meet your needs. With over 65 years of experience, we’re your go-to construction agency for Brooklyn and the other New York boroughs and additional areas we serve.

commercial construction services in brooklyn

What is Commercial Construction?

Commercial construction is any kind of construction done in the private sector. Things like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and office buildings all fall under the umbrella of commercial construction. General contractors like us oversee the entire commercial construction process. We have commercial and residential construction expertise, but commercial construction is our specialty.

The purpose of a general contractor is to oversee the entire project. We contract out the work for things like the job at hand needs plumbing. Our trusted network of subcontractors allows you to hold our work to the highest standards. G-Net procures all of the materials for the project at the beginning of the job.

Our company procures the building site’s licenses, permits, and other legal documents. We follow all local laws to ensure the building is legal. We ensure communication between you, us, and the subcontractors so that everything meets goals, both time-wise and financially.

Facility Maintenance Services

In addition to regular construction services, we also offer facility maintenance services. We know you want to ensure your commercial property is in the best shape possible. G-Net helps to take the maintenance of your building off your hands. We perform routine maintenance, preventative care, and emergency services for any problems you may have.

We regularly check things like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. But because of our background, we can provide contracting services, too. Whether the hallways need repainting, vandalism is present, and repairs are needed, or you need more complex fixes, we can help. Our 24/7 emergency services are always available. We’ve always got you when something goes wrong.

Mold and Fire Restoration

When mold, flooding, or fire wreaks havoc on your building, we’re here to help you assemble things. We do a full inspection to determine if the problem is bad before we start restoration. We take notes about the damage and remove and contain any affected materials that are no longer usable.

Fire causes soot and smoke, and the fumes get caught in materials. We determine which materials are salvageable and which are a total loss. We use disinfectants and cleaners to treat the affected area for mold. This ensures that mold doesn’t return and causes problems for you in the future.

If things are really bad, it may be easier to completely gut the building instead of trying to salvage things. With extensive damage, you can incur significant unexpected costs as more issues are discovered. We strive to always recommend the best option for your specific situation. For more information on our mold and fire restoration service, please visit Mold & fire restoration.

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