Architecture and Design/Build in Manhattan

At G-Net Construction, we offer complete architecture and design/build services in Manhattan and additional areas we serve in New York City. Sometimes you can’t renovate a space to meet your exact needs. We can help you create the perfect building for you and your company. Our exclusive partnership with VSN Architecture, PC, allows us to provide you with the resources for a smooth build.

architecture and design/build services in manhattan, new york

Understanding Your Vision

We can’t do anything for the client if we don’t understand exactly what you want. Our first task is to understand your complete vision for your project. It’s up to our architectural partner and us to bring what you want to reality in a way that’s actually possible. We do our best to ensure that the way the building looks matches the image you see in your head.

We’ll never reject your call or input. We want to put as much as possible to ensure you get the perfect building. If there are any issues with things that you want, we find a way to compromise to get you as close to the complete picture as possible. No actual construction work begins until you sign off on the building plans and are excited about the project.

You’re working with both a construction expert and a professional designer at the same time. This allows for enhanced communication throughout the entire process. If there are any issues, it’s likely that we can work together and iron them out before the project fully starts. All parties on board from the start ensure the drawing is perfect and the project will run smoothly.

A Transparent Work Process

Constant communication is important during the construction process.  We want to ensure you know the progression, the services being done, and if everything is meeting your expectations. We’re transparent with clients so that they have this information. You shouldn’t have to reach out to us for updates on your project constantly.

Since this process has three main parties, we must clarify that everything is understood. You, us, and our architecture partner should all have the same information. From the timeline to the materials being used, we all must be on the same page. Strong communication during every step of the job reassures both you and us that everything is going the way it should.

Developing a Trusted Relationship

From the beginning, we want to build a rapport with the client. Starting off on the right foot positively sets the tone for the rest of the project. We want you to feel comfortable calling us or VSN anytime if you have any questions. You should never feel intimidated or afraid of your construction company.

We also want to create a good client relationship in the future. We want to ensure you’re blown away by the service and expertise you experience. Not only do we want a positive relationship for this job, but we hope that you’ll reach out to us with any of your future projects. We’re looking to make lifetime client relationships that last beyond any single job.

Architecture and Design/Build in Manhattan

We’re ready to help you create your dream build from start to finish. Call us or request a consultation online to get started.