Architecture and Design/Build in Brooklyn

Our Brooklyn architecture and design process allows us to help you bring your job to life. We want to help you see your dream build in the skyline. G-Net works exclusively with VSN Architecture, PC, as our architectural arm. They partner with us to meet all of your architectural and design-build needs. Brooklyn, NY, is one of the areas we serve and provide commercial services to in New York City.

architecture and design/build services in brooklyn

Enhanced Communication Abilities

With us all working together, you can have one point of contact to reach out to. You don’t need to find different people in each department to figure out what’s going on with the job. There’s a designated person you talk to and ask questions, provide input about the job, and express your concerns about how things are going.

It’s a lot easier on you, and your contact person ensures the correct people are hearing what you’re saying. Due to design and construction professionals working together from the very beginning, we iron out wrinkles in the job before the actual construction portion gets started. This saves time and money for everyone.

Fast, High-Quality Project Process

Because the process is fully integrated, your building gets done faster when you go through the design/build process. The bid time is reduced because the process is all integrated. We have go-to contractors and companies that we work with to help things along. We’ve been in business for over 65 years and can use our industry contacts to get the best people for the job.

We can manage time better with an integrated process. Scheduling and planning for the project begins before the drawings are even finished. Since everyone is working together, it’s easier for us to notice any potential construction issues before the ground is broken on the site. We won’t have to determine workarounds on the fly. It’s more likely that the job will go according to plan.

Budget and Quality Control

Again, integration is an advantage for all parties involved. It’s easier to keep the budget and quality of the job realistic and up to par. We can start to outline and determine project costs during the design phase. Discussing materials and expected labor costs early means you’ll know the budget ahead of time.

Quality communication also means that you will have input into what the final costs will be. Maybe there are certain materials you think will be good to use that we can look into. We can assist in making sure the budget stays on track, but you’re getting quality materials that will last for your building.

Every person in the design/build process is dedicated to the client. We want to protect your investment and ensure you get exactly what you’re paying for. You can rest assured that we have your best interests in mind. Our mission is to make our clients happy. We ensure that the materials and construction specifications used meet your desires.

Architecture and Design/Build in Brooklyn

G-Net is there with you throughout the entire process of designing and building your project. Our priority is helping our clients get their dream builds. Call us or request a consultation online to get started.