Architecture and Design/Build in the Bronx

At G-Net Construction, we offer architecture and design/build services in the Bronx and additional areas we serve in NYC for your commercial projects. Renovations can only go so far with an existing space. Sometimes, it’s necessary to completely do the project from the ground up so that it meets your exact needs. We have an exclusive partnership with VSN Architecture, PC, to help make your dream building a reality.

architecture and design/build in the bronx, new york

A Streamlined Relationship

One of the best features of the design/build process is that you only have one point of contact throughout the process. Traditionally, you have to deal with both a designer and a contractor, who then have sub-consultants and sub-contractors. This method can be frustrating as you have two separate contracts and have to manage any disputes between the two parties.

With design/build, we’re your only point of contact throughout the process. You don’t have to worry about fighting between the two divisions. G-Net has a quality working partnership with our architecture firm, and we can ensure that the project goes smoothly. You get recommendations and direction from a unified coalition rather than multiple differing opinions.

A streamlined process allows the schedule to be blocked out and quicker. We can give you a set budget that the project can follow, so you know exactly what to expect. The design is solid, and you know that we’ll work together to create your project.

High-Quality With a Great Price

The ideal design/build solution is a company that offers solid qualifications and good work at a reasonable price. If you only choose a design/builder based on costs, it’s likely that you’re going to experience a loss in the quality of work. Cheap prices mean that corners are going to be cut somewhere.

You also don’t want to spend too much more than you’re looking to budget. G-Net Construction offers you the best value for your budget. We’re dedicated to our clients and ensuring that they get the commercial building that meets all their needs. We have established relationships with sub-contractors throughout New York City, so we know the quality of their work.

Fast, Lower-Cost Project Completion

Because the process is more streamlined, it means the project can be completed faster. There aren’t complications that involve getting agreements from multiple different teams. With one point of contact and one company organizing everything, you don’t have to worry about clashes and issues coming up with multiple companies.

It’s proven that design/build projects cost less than the alternative. Because it’s more efficient, it can be more cost-effective. The traditional way has a bidding phase that’s often seen as the way to pick the lowest costs. Fewer change orders come through with design/build, so any extra costs don’t occur as often as they would with the alternative.

Time is money when it comes to construction projects. And design/build saves a lot of time because of how streamlined it is. Owners don’t need as much time to manage the build, saving money there as well. They can focus on other business issues. The sooner the building can open, and business can start, the sooner profits can be made.

Architecture and Design/Build in the Bronx

When you choose G-Net for your project, you know that you have someone to guide you every step of the way through your job. Call us or request a consultation online.