Consider Design-Build for Your Small Project

Are you considering a renovation project for your commercial building? You likely have seen advertisements for architects, engineers, and contractors, each of whom could play a major role in completing construction work on your building. But what if one firm could handle all these tasks and deliver an effective finished product on time and under budget?

A design-build firm refers to a type of construction delivery method that can design a renovation project as well as schedule and complete the necessary construction work. This approach not only benefits larger, complex projects but can be beneficial to smaller, less extensive projects. G-Net Construction Corp., a commercial construction, architectural, and building maintenance company in New York City, lists the advantages you will notice if you hire a design-build contractor for your small-scale project.

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Why a Construction Design-Build Method Just Works

  • Builds teamwork between the client, architect, and contractor as they all have the same goal: to complete the project successfully to the expectations of all involved.
  • Single point of accountability to the designer-builder with one master contract. This inherently removes all “finger-pointing” and eliminates adversarial conditions.
  • Open and transparent communication with budget reviews occurring throughout the entire project in real-time instead of at the end as a typical design-bid-award method. Everyone gets heard through this communication.
  • Faster project delivery with less downtime by having all the project players at the same table from inception. They develop the design while working on logistics and budgets all at the same time. Design-build projects are typically finished 15-25% faster.
  • Cost savings as design-build projects can have quicker deliveries. They have the ability to start sections of the project while still designing other portions. These projects also tend to have fewer contractor-issued change orders. On average, design-build project costs are 5-10% lower.

Simplify Your Renovation Process

If you intend to renovate your commercial property, even if it will be a small project, you will likely have a lot on your plate. Between scheduling with planners, laborers, and tenants, a property owner can have many players requesting their attention for one project.

A design-build firm allows you to deal with one company that will handle both the project planning and the delivery. You can save time by speaking with one firm for every factor of your project in a single contract.

Get the Best Building Results

You will be satisfied with the final look and structure of your building after a renovation project with a design-build team. Streamlining this process with one firm ensures there will not be miscommunications between the designer and the contractor.

Confidence in your hired designers and builders is crucial. So, you should contact your skilled and experienced commercial contractors at G-Net Construction Corp. to learn more about the services we can provide for you.

You can schedule an appointment with one of our experts for a free consultation about your project on our website. We look forward to collaboration opportunities of all kinds.

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