Office Interior Renovations in Manhattan

At G-Net Construction, we take on a variety of commercial construction tasks in the areas we serve in the boroughs of New York City. As your company grows and changes, you may find yourself needing different things out of your office space. With office interior renovations in Manhattan, you can get the exact layout and utilities in your office space to fit your needs.

office interior renovations in manhattan, new york

Updating the Layout

Whether it’s your office or your rent it out, a company’s needs change over time. The same office layout isn’t going to work forever. If a company is growing, they need room to expand into. When you get an office interior renovation, you can maximize the use of the space and ensure that every square foot is used wisely.

One of the basic parts of an office renovation is the interior walls and smaller spaces for each tenant. Some businesses benefit from multiple small office spaces, while others need a more collaborative work environment. It’s important to tailor the renovations to the tenants you want to attract. You have to sell tenants on the promise of the renovation and that it’ll be the perfect space for their needs.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency in your building is something that benefits both you and potential tenants. Operating expenses for the building are lower if they’re more efficient. You’re not wasting money keeping on lights or HVAC for tenants that aren’t currently in the building. You can also get tax breaks for green construction practices.

Overall, your building is more appealing when it’s energy efficient, too. Companies want to go green and be associated with like-minded values. Green-certified practices can increase the value of your building to both tenants and potential purchasers if you decide you want to sell it in the future.

Planning Out Your Project

We work beside you at every step so that we ensure the project is exactly what you want it to be. It’s important that we have constant contact with our clients. We never want to leave you in the dark or make any decisions that you might not approve of. That’s why we have an extensive pre-construction planning process before any construction actually starts.

If the building is going to be occupied while construction is going on, we’ll work with you to develop a good strategy. Maybe going floor by floor is best, or certain floors at certain times. We’ll help you set up temporary areas for people to work out of, along with soundproofing, access paths, and other options to ensure construction goes smoothly.

Before any construction in an already built-out place can begin, we have to do a full site inspection. Depending on how old the building is, there are many little things that might come up that are hidden from the naked eye. We need to discover these things before the construction process, not when we’re in the middle of it.

You don’t want surprise extra costs when construction is going on. We’re as thorough as possible with an inspection to minimize this risk. We develop a timeline for you to review so you can understand what’s happening during the process. You know what’s going on every step of the way.

Office Interior Renovations in Manhattan

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