Commercial Construction in the Bronx

G-Net is a commercial construction firm that’s been serving all boroughs of New York City for over 60 years. If you need a reliable firm for commercial construction in the Bronx and additional areas we serve in NYC, we’re ready to help. Whether you want to tackle a project from the ground up or you just want to remodel some interiors, we can handle your job.

commercial construction services in the bronx

Architecture and Design Services

We have an exclusive agreement with VSN Architecture, PC, to provide our clients with complete design and build services. We want to ensure we realize your vision and dream for your building. You have someone with you every step of the way to ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. We encourage you to call at any time with any questions or concerns you have throughout the process.

Communication is key at our construction site. G-Net coordinates the communication for all parties involved. The client, architect, subcontractors, and other crew must be in sync for the project to succeed. To take the worry off your hands, we ensure everything runs smoothly on the job site as the construction progresses.

One of our biggest beliefs is continuing to learn as our business continues. Each project allows us to learn something new and bring this knowledge to the next one. We continue our education with updates to building materials, technology, building codes, and safety standards. No matter how long we’ve been in business, we always want to improve.

Tenant Improvement Services

We can always change old spaces to fit the new needs of the current tenants. Certain businesses have certain needs. Things like daycares, retail stores, and nursing homes have specialized needs for the building they’re in. We’re able to help you transform the interior of your building so that it fits these needs.

All older buildings should have updates for accessibility and other New York City code updates. But we can do many other things, too. Drop ceilings can be added and walls placed to build break rooms and other separated office areas. Commercial kitchens and bathrooms can be added if more facilities are needed. For more information on tenant services, please see Tenant Improvements.

Remodeling and Retrofitting

Remodeling and retrofitting are two different services – we’re equipped to handle both! Often, these services overlap. Before starting a project, we talk extensively with our clients to determine their needs and wants. We can’t start a project until we know what you’re hoping for in the result.

Remodeling usually involves changing the aesthetics and functionality of an existing space. With retrofitting, we’re adding something to the original construction with new technologies. Regardless, we want to convert your space into something that matches your vision.

Changing up the structure or layout can completely transform the feeling of your space. We remove or erect walls to change the size of the existing rooms. We specialize in things like custom millwork for your buildings. Doors, molding, and trim can all add personality to a building. Custom millwork helps you bring your unique taste and style into this space.

Expert Commercial Construction Services in the Bronx

Do you have a commercial construction job you want to get off the ground? Call us or request an appointment online to get started.