Architecture and Design/Build in Staten Island

Not only are we a commercial construction firm, but we also offer complete design/build services in Staten Island and additional areas we serve in New York City. We have an exclusive partnership with VSN Architecture, PC, to provide architectural services for G-Net Construction. Both firms work with you every step of the way as we bring your building vision into reality.

architecture and design build services in staten island

The Phases of Architecture and Design/Build

Each phase of the process is essential to complete your commercial construction project. We go through each stage and ensure that everything is on track. When we propose your project, we’ll also set up an approximate timeline so that you know what to expect from the process.


This is where the process starts. We will talk with you and find out the specifications of what you’re looking for. We’ll learn about the plot of land you’re looking at and do an on-site examination if possible. The materials and permits needed, land zone requirements, and other rules and laws are combined to make a competitive estimate for the job. We will submit the bid to you and draw up a contract if you decide to move forward with our company.

Schematic Design

The team at VSN starts to draw up your building design. Sketches, drawings, 3D renders, and other things are combined to give you a good look at what your finished building will look like. Systems like HVAC and plumbing will also be included, and you can fully see what the finished building will look like.

Design Development

This is a crucial phase that brings the schematics more into reality. We draw up a more detailed plan for your building. Interior and exterior finishes are presented to determine which route you want to go down. These things impact the cost greatly, so once this is determined, we can present you with a more thorough cost analysis.

Construction Documents/Permits

At this stage, your building officially becomes a reality. Complete, detailed drawings are done. One set is on-site so that we can build your building to the exact specifications. We also send a set to the permit office so that the local authorities can approve it.

This can be one of the longest phases of your project. It all depends on your build site’s location and the project’s complexity. It can take days to months to get everything approved so we can start building. It’s an essential phase and protects both you and us from any construction errors.

Construction Administration

The construction side of the project starts at this phase. The architecture firm takes on a more administrative role and oversees the process to ensure it’s being completed according to the drawings. Your job is fully planned out, and costs are locked down. If there are any mitigating factors that might change this, we will let you know right away.

We will keep in contact with you throughout the whole process. You get to watch your building vision come to life throughout the construction process. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call us anytime.

Architecture and Design/Build Services in Staten Island

We can help you make your dream build a reality. Call us or request a quote online today.