Fire Prevention Tips for Commercial Property Owners

A fire can cause immense destruction to a building within minutes, especially if no one is present. This type of emergency affects thousands of facilities each year in the United States, amounting to billions of dollars in damages. Both flames and smoke can lead to major destruction of property and injury to building occupants. Loss of business can also be extremely hard to recover from.

A contractor can help you restore your property after a catastrophic event like this. But you can also work with them to lower your risk of a fire starting, spreading, and creating extensive damage to your building. G-Net Construction Corp., an architectural and contracting firm located in New York City, lists four tips for commercial property owners to prevent fires.

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Perform Regular Electrical Maintenance

To prevent electrical fires in your building, you should first address any existing fire hazards on your property. A large number of accidental fires occur due to faulty equipment or electrical systems malfunctioning or sparking.

To ensure your electrical grid is working effectively and efficiently, you should get your property inspected by a professional regularly. An expert contractor will be able to spot wiring concerns, repair them, and ensure your entire system adheres to local safety codes, which will reduce the likelihood of a fire spreading through your building.

Check Your Fire Suppression and Detection Systems

Your facilities likely have fire suppression and/or detection systems in place, but these require testing every year by a professional to make sure that they work effectively. Something as simple as a dead battery can cause major damage.

Check Your Fire Doors for Proper Operation

Fire separation also plays a role in the containment of smoke or flame spread. Fire doors should never be propped open and should routinely be checked for proper self-closing and latching. A closed door contains a fire as designed, but only if it is shut.

If you need updates to your fire protection systems, a commercial contractor can help you put them in place according to safety standards. G-Net Construction has experience installing infrastructure for sprinkler systems, safety devices in existing HVAC equipment, and alarms throughout a building.

Implement a Fire Safety Plan

Preventing fires and their resulting structural damage takes careful planning. When you have a safety strategy at hand, you can better protect your building and its occupants from harm.

You should ensure that all people within the facilities understand how to operate equipment appropriately to avoid accidents. They should also know where fire extinguishers and alarm pulls are located in the building.

The escape plan should be known and well-circulated to these individuals, too. If this plan changes, you should inform your building occupants.

Fire exits should remain clear of obstacles at all times to ensure safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. If you worry about effective navigation of stairwells or walkways, you can consult with a contractor. Prompt and efficient evacuation procedures will allow firefighters more time to extinguish flames before they can advance through your building.

Fire Restoration Services Available in New York City

G-Net Construction Corp. provides mold and fire restoration services as well as interior renovations for commercial clients in New York City. Our firm can also assist with architectural, new construction, and remodeling projects. To get an estimate for your job or learn more about our company, contact our office by phone at 718.808.8538 or reach a member of our staff online.