Restore Your Commercial Property After Flooding

Recent storms brought heavy rainfall to the New York City area. Buildings across the city, especially in Queens, NY, suffered flooding and the ensuing structural damage that comes with this type of emergency. If your business has been affected by the latest natural disaster, it can be difficult to know where to start repairing your facilities.

G-Net Construction, a commercial construction & building and maintenance company based in New York, can evaluate the floors, walls, and other structures in your building to restore your establishment. Learn how an expert contractor can get your business back on its feet after flood damage.

flood restoration remodeling in New York

Reconstruction Planning with a Professional

If flooding strikes your building, there could be more underlying damage than may appear to an untrained eye. Your contractor can inspect your property, assess damages, and plan the reconstruction of your building to make sure the area is structurally sound and looking its best once again.

The floors and walls of your building are common victims of water damage after a flood and may require extensive repair. A construction expert can check that subfloors are intact or replaced if warped. This guarantees that new flooring will not buckle when put in place.

These surfaces will also need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent further structural damage and prevent mold development. Your contractor can help with this process. They may also offer additional expertise about materials that may not be scrubbed or scraped safely, such as lead-based paint.

Mold Removal Services

Water exposure after flooding may mean that your facilities can suffer from future mold growth. G-Net Construction, being licensed, certified, and insured, can assist with removing this mold and protecting your building from further damage.

Our team can evaluate the spread of the mold, contain the affected areas, and remove the damaged materials safely and effectively. They will also treat the mold with disinfecting supplies. A thorough final inspection ensures that there is no remaining mold after this cleaning process. For more information on our mold removal services, please see Mold & Fire Restoration.

Flood damage can take weeks to repair in some situations, especially when waiting for the affected structures to dry completely in order to begin the restoration process. Consulting a construction professional early in this process can ensure the restoration of your commercial facilities goes smoothly and efficiently.

Call a Flood Restoration Expert in All Five Boroughs of NYC

G-Net Construction offers mold removal and restoration services to commercial establishments that sustained damaged in recent flooding in New York. We also provide new construction, remodeling, and facility maintenance services. To learn how we can help with your project, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 718.808.8538.